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Make It or Break It
Mantras for a successful career

Every year in the corporate world, several thousands of new entrants join the millions of already existing bright young professionals. All of them thrives with one dream ….to make
it ‘large’ in their career. They all want to become ‘successful’, to have a ‘name’, to leave behind a ‘mark’. They quest for personal, professional and economic success. The goal to make it big often makes them confused …many questions about ‘how, why, what, where, when’ dons their mind and they struggle to get an answer.

The fault is not theirs, the problem is most of them does not get someone to guide them; help them to navigate through this corporate jungle, where the theory of survival of the fittest equally fits in. The corporate world being ruthless with its unwritten rules and hidden pitfalls and the competition being fierce, these young professionals, in their transition phase, struggle to learn the tricks of survival and win.

Make it or Break it…Mantras for a successful career is thus created to be with these young aspirants as a part of their journey, to show them how to get started on a right foot and emerge as a winner. It is targeted to cater to young India …. 1. Who are stepping into the corporate world 2. The young managers between 1- 10 years of experience.

It is a business / management book, but takes a break from the normal monologue style of a management books. It has 4 sections …getting into the jungle, walking through the jungle, surviving in the jungle and emerging as a winner from the jungle… with 53 stories from the corporate world (summarized by management lessons ) to ensure that the readers relate to a situation that happens/ may happen around them.

There are many books to help an organization succeed, many self-help books to guide us to become a better individual, but there is probably not one book to address this transition phase. We often forget that transition phases in any realm are sensitive and have a long lasting impact on an individual. Make it or Break it…Mantras for a successful career is an attempt to fill up that space.

Published by Penguin Portfolio , November 2012.


with or without you

With or without you

With economies growing at a pace like never before people want to secure their future with a fiercer urgency. Competition to reach the top is now a reality and it is getting more ruthless with every passing day. People are fast changing; relationships are taking heavy casualties, integrity is taking a back seat.

This story touches two sides of life; it talks about how circumstances can change the character of a human being. It talks about how a person opts to ignore the cues of life and is tempted to choose a wrong direction. It talks about how people start compromising their values; sacrifice their family and friends under the influence of superfluous ambition – to secure money, position and power.

It is all about blind ambitions and corporate politics. Written in a corporate backdrop, this fast paced narrative asks the question to the world…..how far should we go? Aarav, Raika, Sonali will take you into this world.

Published by Penguin Metro Reads , November 2010


Why Not! Why Not...!
Racing ahead with mentors

It is all about how little interactions can change the course of one's life.

.This inspiring story will demonstrate how everyone around you can become your mentor and can contribute to your success. An interesting concept on how you can race ahead learning from others' experiences.

A must read for you if you are an aspiring individual and want to race ahead in the world of opportunies and success. You will be able to relate to this fast paced story as it is drawn from practical experiences.

This book can act as your guide for you to become that true professional who is also an achiever.

Published by UBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd. , November 2008


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