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Partha Sarathi Basu  
With or Without You
Make It or Break It
Mantras for a successful career
Published by Penguin Portfolio
Nov 2012


Every year in the corporate world, several thousands of new entrants join the millions of already existing bright young professionals. All of them thrives with one dream ….to make
it ‘large’ in their career. They all want to become ‘successful’, to have a ‘name’, to leave behind a ‘mark’. They quest for personal, professional and economic success. The goal to make it big often makes them confused …many questions about ‘how, why, what, where, when’ dons their mind and they struggle to get an answer.

The fault is not theirs, the problem is most of them does not get someone to guide them; help them to navigate through this corporate jungle, where the theory of survival of the fittest equally fits in. The corporate world being ruthless with its unwritten rules and hidden pitfalls and the competition being fierce, these young professionals, in their transition phase, struggle to learn the tricks of survival and win.

Make it or Break it…Mantras for a successful career is thus created to be with these young aspirants as a part of their journey, to show them how to get started on a right foot and emerge as a winner. It is targeted at catering to young India …. 1. Those who are stepping into the corporate world 2. The young managers with between 1- 10 years of experience.

It is a business / management book, but takes a break from the normal monologue style of a management books. It has 4 sections …getting into the jungle, walking through the jungle, surviving in the jungle and emerging as a winner from the jungle… with 53 stories from the corporate world (summarized by management lessons ) to ensure that the readers relate to a situation that happens/ may happen around them.

There are many books to help an organization succeed, many self-help books to guide us to become a better individual, but there is probably not one book to address this transition phase. We often forget that transition phases in any realm are sensitive and have a long lasting impact on an individual. Make it or Break it…Mantras for a successful career is an attempt to fill up that space.

Published by Penguin Portfolio , November 2012



There are many books with mantras and career tips for navigating the corporate world, but for me what works best in Partha's book is how his ideas subtly enter the subconsciousness. And this, in my experience, is invaluable - not what is learnt but what is felt and internalized.

Prasoon Joshi, poet and Chairman and CEO,
McCann World Group India


Your perfect companion to learning important career lessons. Savour it like good wine.

R. Gopalakrishnan, Director, Tata Sons Ltd


A must read for every young professional

Renu Karnad, MD, HDFC Ltd,
Business Woman of the year, 2010.


Partha succinctly converts tricky situations in the corporate world into accessible stories that will hugely benefit new entrants.

Rajiv Memani, CEO, Ernst & Young India


Winning in the corporate world calls for passion, intuition, teamwork, innovation and lateral thinking. Partha offers radical ideas to the ambitious.

T.V. Mohandas Pai, Chairman,
Manipal Global Education
Services Pvt. Ltd


Dexterously woven and artfully subtle, Basu offers a simple yet comprehensive recipe for winning: build trust, build a reputation, build a network, then break all the rules!

Nihal Kaviratne CBE,
Vice Chairman, Indian Cancer Society

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