Partha Sarathi Basu  
Make It or Break It

Make It or Break It
Mantras for a Successful Career

There are many books with mantras and career tips for navigating the corporate world, but for me what works best in Partha's book is how his ideas subtly enter the subconsciousness. And this, in my experience, is invaluable - not what is learnt but what is felt and internalized.


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With or Without you

With or Without You

"The Big Bad Corporate World
... a tale of betrayal, blind race to the top, and the bitter truth of the corporate world that the show would go on, with or without you"
The Financial Express

"The Corporate Conundrum
A book that explores a character’s journey towards success and power within a competitive business environment."
Business World

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Why Not Why Not...!
Racing ahead with mentors

“The runway to success. Basu has shown that not all management related books are monotonous”
Business World   

“Corporate Karma. The book gives an insight into today’s corporate world”
The New Indian Express 

.Biblical corporate guide. …achieves the effect of ‘inspiring’”
The Statesman 

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