Partha Sarathi Basu  
Make It or Break It
There are many books with mantras and career tips for navigating the corporate world, but for me what works best in Partha's book is how his ideas subtly enter the subconsciousness. And this, in my experience, is invaluable - not what is learnt but what is felt and internalized.

"The book is not just for entry level professionals as the principles it outlines will serve anyone who wishes to develop a road map for career success..."
CFO Connect Dec 2012        more ..

"The professional world too needs careful preparation"
An interview with the author
Business World 20 Dec 2012        more ...

"Make It or Break It ... an indispensible guide ... some of the most important corporate lessons ... to start on the right foot and emerge a winner"
Spiceroute Dec 2012        more ...

"Learn the tricks of survival quickly"
Air India Magazine Dec 2012        more ...
"'Make It or Break It ... Mantras for a successful career' is a much needed diction on what the youth need succeed in the corporate world."
Investcare Dec 2012        more ...






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