Partha Sarathi Basu  
With or Without You
With or Without You
Published by Penguin Metro Reads
Nov 2010


With economies growing at a pace like never before people want to secure their future with a fiercer urgency. Competition to reach the top is now a reality and it is getting more ruthless with every passing day. People are fast changing; relationships are taking heavy casualties, integrity is taking a back seat.

This story touches two sides of life; it talks about how circumstances can change the character of a human being. It talks about how a person opts to ignore the cues of life and is tempted to choose a wrong direction. It talks about how people start compromising their values; sacrifice their family and friends under the influence of superfluous ambition – to secure money, position and power.

It is all about blind ambitions and corporate politics. Written in a corporate backdrop, this fast paced narrative asks the question to the world…..how far should we go? Aarav, Raika, Sonali will take you into this world.

Published by Penguin Metro Reads , November 2010


Geeta Venkatraman
With or without you...the world will move! Something I will remember for life! A well narrated story, easy to read and keeps you glued till you finish the book! More insight into the personal life of the characters might have made it a little more interesting! Even though you see the grey side of corporate life you feel safe to think that there are still people like Aarav who can overcome the lust of power and live life on their terms! Good read for sure!


Suvarna Sen
With or without you....by Partha Basu is a must read for all....we need to read it to realise in retrospect where we had gone wrong and where not; for the next generation, it would help them understand the 'why's and the 'why not's...!
Very lucid.....linguistically;
Very intriguing ......thoughtfully;
Very rich.....conceptually;
....sit down with the book and I promise you won't be able to leave it midway.


Vidhi Wadhwa
A must and an interesting read for all surviving in the corporate world..Who can provide a better insight other than an insider!! Very well written ... absolutely captivating and addictive as you keep asking the question ''what next''? Congrats Mr. Writer and "What's Next?"

© 2012 Partha Sarathi Basu